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Copyright/trademark registration

  • Copyright registration certificate-Integrated data management software V1.0

  • Copyright registration certificate-Digital media board

  • Trademark registration certificate-Farmers365

  • Design registration certificate-fine dust notification signaling device

  • Copyright registration certificate-GIS-based Big data artificial intelligence smart integrated control system

  • Copyright registration certificate-Crime prevention CCTV (closed circuit) integrated management system

  • Copyright registration certificate-Smart irrigation management program

  • Copyright registration certificate-Healing program recommendation service

Conformity registration product certification

  • 300LF-1616-LED Module

  • DB-100-Outdoor alarm broadcast system

  • DBA-4800-Amp

  • DB-BD100-Smart broadcast receiver

  • DB-BP200-Barometer

  • DB-BR100-Smart broadcast receiver (Home Receiver)

  • DB-BT100-Wireless equipment for simple radio station (for village notice information)

  • DB-BT200-Smart broadcast receiver

  • DB-CS100-Parking meter

  • DB-DM1000-Complex displacement meter

  • DB-RG100-Radar water level meter

  • DBS-2300-Datalogger

  • DB-SH150-Soil moisture sensor

  • DB-SLPR400-Intelligent number recognition device

  • DB-SLPR500-Vehicle number recognition device

  • DB-SLPR4000-Intelligent number recognition device

  • DB-SS414-Dome camera (HD-SDI)

  • DB-TH150-Thermo-hygrometer

  • DBWL-100-data logger

  • DL-S200G2-data logger



  • MON-LAD02-Multipurpose weather board (outdoor)

  • MON-LAD11-Multipurpose weather board (indoor)

  • PNO-8120R-Megapixel IP Camera

  • PNP-6360RH-IR-PTZ IP Camera

  • SVR2000-Smart area control device

  • DB-2000-Disaster forecasting and warning system

  • DB-BD300-Forecasting and warning system

  • DB-BD400-Smart broadcast receiver

  • DB-BD500-Automatic broadcast terminal

  • DB-CO100-Carbon dioxide sensor

  • DB-O100-Oxygen sensor module

  • DNO-5070R-4MP Smart speed dome network camera

  • OMS-NVR-Intelligent recorder

  • OMS-Solo-Intelligent object classifier

  • ROCKEY4ND-License key

Key certificates

  • Meteorological business registration certificate

  • Meteorological equipment performance certificate

  • Certificate of excellent technology capabilities

  • Company-affiliated research institute accreditation

  • Leading company designation

  • Support company designation

  • Main Biz Certificate

  • Venture company confirmation

  • GS Software quality certificate-Data integrated management software V1.0

  • Innobiz Certificate

  • Software Business Operators Certificate

  • Electrical construction business registration certificate

  • Information and communication construction business registration certificate

  • Certification of International Contractor

  • A youth-friendly small and medium-sized enterprise certificate

  • 2022 Scholarship Deposit Certificate

  • Jeollabuk-do Governor Software Technology Development and Business Award

  • GS Software quality certificate-Big data artificial intelligence smart integrated control system Ver.1.0 based on GIS (Geographic Information System)

  • ISO 45001

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 9001

Direct production registration

  • Surveillance and detection equipment (security camera, video surveillance device)

  • Management information system (information infrastructure construction service)

  • Traffic control equipment (vehicle number reader)

  • Network service equipment (broadcast device)

  • Network service equipment (village wireless broadcasting system)

  • Data service (data processing service)

  • Data service (big data analysis service)

  • Lift equipment and accessories (5 cases including the main parking control system)

  • Power distribution, control device and accessories (instrumentation control device)

  • Composite video equipment and controller (image information display device)

  • Software engineering business (packaged software and introduction, information system service)

  • Software Maintenance and Support (Software Maintenance and Support Services)

  • System management (information system maintenance, operation consignment service)

  • Audio presentation and creation equipment hardware and controllers (Public Area)

  • Internet service (Internet support development service)

  • Marking equipment (information, weather, traffic information display board)

Patent application

  • Patent certificate (10-2351646) - Smart automatic water supply system for crops

  • Patent (10-2362151) - Data collection device with monitoring function of peripheral monitoring device and its execution method

  • Patent certificate (10-2362153) - A method for providing and implementing mobile smart farm services for healing

  • Patent certificate (10-2424504) - Unmanned remote automatic salt spray system

  • Patent (10-1072802) - Laser inspection device and method

  • Patent (10-1090082) - System and method for measuring stair dimensions using a single camera and laser

  • Patent (10-1091566) - Ultrasonic measuring device using high repetition microwave laser

  • Patent (10-1198952) - Radiation source detection device with variable spacing between image acquisition modules

  • Patent (10-2487964) - Method and system for calculating health climate index

  • Patent (10-2493283) - Artificial lighting system for light source strength control plants

  • Patent (10-2508558) - Unmanned remote automatic water management system

  • Patent (10-2515740) - Method for recommending a user-customized healing program and device for executing the same

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