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Establishment and operation
management of prepaid card payment system

A smart card-based electronic payment system that charges and pays the card on a mobile device, and distributes and settles the processed payment to each affiliated store.

  • 01
    Mobile payment/recharge
  • 02
    Settlement system
  • 03
    Collection system
  • 04
    Authentication system
  • 05
    Card-issuing system
  1. A local partner in Indonesia
    • SGI (Summit Global Indonesia)
  2. Service provider
    • RMI NU-Rabithah Ma’ahid Islamiyah
    • http://www.rmi.nu.or.id
    • RMI NU: Association of Muslim Schools in Indonesia
  3. Main service contents
    • Supply of membership and prepaid card-based payment system to RMI NU schools
  4. Main supply system
    • Prepaid card-issuing system
    • RMI NU membership management system
    • Membership management (for web) and mobile payment system (Android)
    • Payment system / Raptor AFC Management


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