We contribute to a safe world by providing the best technical service with innovative technology.


Using Dongbang Innovation's own standardized development methodology that has been applied to various fields and successfully built projects for more than 20 years, cultivating the ability to analyze, design, implement and test (integration, acquisition), and ensuring success in every project, we guarantee the flexible scalability and adaptability of the system.

  • 01
    Dongbang's standardized development methodology

    Based on the experience of successfully applying projects in various fields, we have a standardized development methodology that can fit customers' needs.

  • 02
    Diverse experience and rich knowledge

    Dongbang Innovation's executives and staff are able to carry out SI projects successfully based on their experience and know-how of implementing projects in various fields for many years.

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    Pursuing the best value

    Based on the experience and project execution capabilities accumulated for more than 20 years, we always actively identify customer needs and reflect them in the project to arrive at the best customer satisfaction.

Successful business execution

  • Architecture-centered
    Secure visibility through a bird's eye view of the entire SW, identify and respond to risks early
  • Engineering tools
    Increase productivity and accuracy with automated tools
  • Framework-based
    Automate the interworking of components to play a role as a foundation for development productivity and quality improvement
  • Reuse management system
    Component reuse, knowledge/experience accumulation and component configuration management and quality management system establishment

Eliminate risk factors

  • Absence of reusable components
    Establishment of company-wide strategy to establish component management system
    Disclosure of component status on FP and recommendation to use
  • Lack of experience and increased cost
    Priority derivation and development of components with high development difficulty and frequently used components
  • Low frequency of reuse
    Creation of component standard specifications, establishment of KMS (Knowledge Management System), discovery and dissemination of best practices


The Meteorological Administration, Forest Service, Rural Development Administration, and local governments are performing maintenance based on many years of experience in operation and maintenance of disaster safety-related measurement and observation equipment, and are doing their best to maintain the system 24/7.

  • Advanced SM based on various experiences

  • 01

    Maintaining a response system for stable operation 24/7

  • 02

    Actively discovering possible improvement for each task and performing improvement through consultation with the ordering organization

  • 03

    Detailing and standardization by presenting and discussing inspection items by regular inspection target

  • 04

    Prevention of failure generating factors and establishment of breakdown response plans

  • 05

    Establishment of organization and support system for failure management during normal and vulnerable times (holidays and nighttime)

  • 06

    Establishment of a system to always have and supply spare parts and replacement equipment in preparation for HW failure

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