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Agricultural equipment

  • DB-SP2000 Smart Irrigation Management SolutionDownload brochure
    Main function Explanation
    Input part Water level sensor input Analog input (4...20mA)
    Serial input RS-232 2Port, Ethernet 1 Port
    Video input Camera control and image acquisition through Ethernet port
    Output part Irrigation control Remote control by the user on a mobile device or PC environment through a web server
    Automatic irrigation control according to the water level value of the cultivated field (rice)
    Data output Transmit data collected from environmental sensors and control devices to the server using serial and Ethernet ports
    Video output Transmits the video data collected from the PTZ camera to the server through a wireless communication module
    Interfaces LTE router Static IP, 4G LTE
    Power supply part Input power DC+12V@5A(Max), powered by solar cell and battery
  • DB-SP1000 complex environment control deviceDownload brochure
    Main function Explanation
    Input part Analog 0...5V, 4...20mA, Frequency, Pulse up to 16 inputs
    Serial input SDI-12, RS-232, RS-485
    Output part Facility control Switchgear, ventilation fan, heater, fertigation system, up to 23 individual controls
    Display 4.3-inch touch screen
    Remote support Remote monitoring and control
    Interfaces Wired LAN 10/100Mbps Ethernet
    Power supply part Input power AC220V
    Transformer capacity AC54V@1200VA
    Appearance and weight 500×206×730 (W×W×H), 50Kg

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